Why Kulda & 7 Sons?

Kulda & 7 Sons Construction offers the cutting-edge service you need, providing professional sophistication in an approachable, down-to-earth way. We combine sound structural integrity with an artist's eye, so your home construction is at its strongest as well as its most beautiful. Think graceful state-of-the-art meets rock-solid construction.

For nearly twenty years, my crews, staff and I have been working from Half Moon Bay, California to enhance and contribute to not only the Coastside, but the greater Peninsula community as well. We have built several homes for sale as well as custom homes and remodels. Our company is rooted in the same tradition of hardworking, honest family values that makes this community such a great place to live. We are in it for the long haul - when your home looks good, so do we.

Our approach to custom homes and remodels is similar to that of our own home developments. We are deeply committed to our belief that the home is a sanctuary not only from the weather and the elements, but from everything that is hard and rough in this world of ours. We believe that your home should be a place that architecturally welcomes you, surrounds you with the beauty and order found in nature, as well as provides for your safety and security. This belief shows in our designs, beginning with the approach to your home and entry, then following through to the flow and function of the site and interior floor plans allowing for easy daily living, inside and out, subduing some of the architectural elements of and exaggerating others, inviting sunlight and landscaping from outside to come in and enhance the inside, all this bringing grace to the security and Kulda quality of your home.

Getting a Kulda Home or a Kulda Remodel is getting you and your property some panache: it's definitely cool.