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  • New Home Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Land Development
  • Full Service Real Estate
  • Green Building
  • Steep Slopes
  • Interior Design Consult
  • Builder Consult
  • Hydronic Heating
  • Soundproofing
  • Whole House Audio/Visual
  • Wine Rooms
  • Sauna/Steam Rooms
  • Landscape/HArdscape

Featured Services

Steep Slope Construction

You've found the perfect location for your dream home but the land is on a steep grade and you are concerned about the costs and difficulties of building on a slope. There are some natural advantages to building on a slope which include great views, natural air ventilation, and water drainage. With the proper planning and direction from a qualified architect (typically starting with a grading plan) you should feel comfortable dreaming as big as you can.

Green Building

Whether you’re working on a simple home remodel or a new home, sustainable building can add value to your project. Green building techniques reduce energy and water use, improve indoor air quality, are sensitive to site development issues, incorporate environmentally friendly building materials, and more.  Contrary to popular belief, green building may not always cost more. If it does, a price premium of 1-3% can also pay back over time!

Services Overview

Every home is different, and your needs are specific to you. I encourage you to contact us, and we can set aside a time to get together and talk about your project. That's the best way to determine your own unique needs, which determine your pricing. In the meantime, the following is an estimate of some of the service agreement options you have.

Pre-construction ConsulTation Services

For advice and assistance with lot acquisition and permit procedures, my fees are $90 per hour; my assistant's time is billed at $45 per hour. For an idea of what this amounts to, a client who already owned a lot hired me for a full service pre-construction package for a new single story residence. I brought in and directed all the design consultants, applied for and managed the permitting and entitlements including a sewer variance through to issuance of the building permit. The total fees amounted to around $7,600.

New Construction

Once we've decided to work together through the completion of your construction, you can expect my fees to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-$500/square foot (garage area is included in calculation). My average has been $238/sf for homes with a medium/high level of finishes including some landscaping and hardscaping on lots between 5,000 and 7,500 square feet on flat to mild slopes. Of course, it goes without saying that the details of your new home account for the variance.


Billed according to each project, so give me a call and we can talk about what you need.

We also offer a variety of contract agreements recognizing that you have your specific needs and comfort level. Some clients prefer a full service contract to handle the entire project and take full responsibility for all of the work, while others want to be more involved and may even want to do some of the work themselves!

Whether you’re considering a simple remodel, addition to existing space or about to build your dream home – on a budget, or sky’s the limit – you will be getting the Kulda Quality: structurally solid, with artistic flair, attention to detail (want closet space? Ask me. I've done some innovataive things to find extra closet space.) and reflective of your style and vision for yourself.

Fixed Price Hard Bid Contract

A specific plan and scope of work is defined for Kulda & 7 Sons to do. Kulda & 7 Sons' work is completed for a fixed price. The price for the work cannot change without a written change order. Where the finishes or other aspects of the work are not specified in the plans the contract will give an allowance. An allowance is an estimated (not fixed) amount of money budgetted to cover the cost of the unspecified finish materials or work. The liability for all Kulda & 7 Sons' work is covered under our $2M general liability policy, $1M workman's compensation policy and $1M automobile insurance policy.

Cost Plus a Fee Contract

A budget and a schedule of reimburseable rates for our employees is set and approved. You work with us to qualify and approve subcontractors' bids and material quotes. Our cost reporting is transparant. All cost get marked up by and agreed percentage for Kulda & 7 Sons' profit and overhead. This kind of agreement allows for a plan and scope of work that is less defined. You can see all the costs as we go along in the work and take a more proactive role in doing the work. The budget is reviewed and revised up or down periodically. The liability for all Kulda & 7 Sons' work is covered under our $2M general liability policy, $1M workman's compensation policy and $1M automobile insurance policy.

Hourly (Owner/Builder)

You are the builder and our crew works as your employees. You sign all the subcontracts and pay all the expenses directly. There is no general contractor's mark up on any of the costs. You will still get the same Kulda Quality of construction but you are liable for all the work. None of the work is covered by Kulda & 7 Sons insurance policies.